providing your team with real time information on JIRA tickets.

never ask for a link or request a status again.

Add to Slack

After adding the bot to your team you will need to authenticate with JIRA. Find out more

Need help? Contact us on twitter @nextupguru or

Invite @nextup-JIRA to your group.

When your team mentions JIRA tickets @netup-JIRA will give you some quick info automatically.

Mention @nextup-JIRA and get more info

Need to see more? Mention the bot in your message.

Chat directly with @nextup-jira

The bot will give you even more information. It’s faster than looking in JIRA

What do I do to install?

The bot can be easily added to Slack via the Add to Slack button. At that point you need to setup an OAuth application link in JIRA to allow the bot to connect into the JIRA API. This process takes a few steps but our system guides you through the process.

How does nextup-jira connect to JIRA and Slack?

The app uses OAuth to connect to both JIRA and Slack. This allows the bot to connect in a secure manner.

Can any JIRA user install?

No, you have to be an administrator on your JIRA instance or specifically have permissions to add application links. You can read more about application links on the JIRA help page here

Still having trouble?

Contact us on twitter @nextupguru or

How much does it cost?

Currently we provide this bot free of any charges, we may choose to alter this in the future.

How do I use the bot?

Invite the bot to any chat you would like to get automatic tickets updates from the bot. You can use public, private and direct message groups with the bot.

Can the fields be customized?

The fields are standard at this time. We may include customization in a future phase.

What if I want to connect to more than one JIRA instance?

The bot can be installed to Slack multiple times with different URLs. If you want to do this please contact us at and we can help you out.